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Why Should Surgeon’s Practices Optimize Their Websites For SEO

Why Your Surgeon’s Practice Needs SEO

Whether you are an orthopedic, shoulder, cosmetic, or knee surgeon, the search engine optimization (SEO for physicians and doctors) goal is the same: To improve your medical website’s visibility in search engines. Put another way, the goal of SEO is to create the best possible experience for your website’s users. 

Here are three ways medical SEO benefits your practice:

1. Serves your overall marketing goals.

If your marketing goals include converting more potential patients (leads) into new patients, then you need to optimize your website’s design for SEO. Organic searches (also known as unpaid searches) account for 97.8% of all U.S. search engine searches. If that fails to convince you, consider this: The top search result of the first search engine results page receives 10x more clicks than the last result. Missing out on the main source of website traffic is too costly.

2. Improves your image in the eyes of potential patients.

Google has a 92% share of all search engine traffic on the internet, which means that their search engine ranking criteria are the most important. For Google, returning search results with high-quality content to users is king. Why? Because it motivates users to use Google again and again. And that’s why you need to focus on creating great content across every page of your practice website. 

Here are a few keys to creating high-quality content that improves Google search rankings: 

  • well-written text that clearly conveys each page’s purpose
  • keywords included but not overused (generally, keywords should be no more than 2-5% of text)
  • keywords sound natural, not forced
  • include various types of content like infographics, video, images, and research studies 
  • enough text (pages should have at least 300 words) 

3. Helps your practice remain competitive in the local market.

Recent Google studies show that 46% of internet searches have local intent and that four out of five consumers perform searches before purchasing. Local SEO is about optimizing your practice’s whole online presence so that it will appear near the top of local listings. This includes all listings in directories such as Google, Google Maps, Facebook, and Yelp.

The more positive Google and Facebook reviews your medical practice receives, the better your chance to rank highly. Hiring a company that provides excellent reputation management services can help you avoid negative reviews. 


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