Medical Content Marketing

Online Content Marketing: Why It’s Essential for Your Medical Practice

What is content marketing?

At the most fundamental level, content marketing for medical practices is about creating content aimed at converting potential patients and retaining current patients.


Why is it necessary?

Dedicating time and energy to bringing value to your audience through high-quality content can only benefit your practice.

How so?

It may help to think of content marketing like public relations. The Public Relations Society of America defines public relations as “a strategic process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

Public relations spokespeople create compelling narratives that enhance their organization’s reputation. For medical practices, your content marketing is like your spokesperson.
It builds and enhances your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness with your patients, potential patients, and other practices and organizations in your medical field.


How does it work?

In traditional marketing, businesses send out ads then wait for customers or clients to come buy their products and services. In online content marketing, businesses reach out to potential customers and clients wherever they are (search engines, social media, email, etc.).

Here are some proven strategies that should be part of your content marketing plan:

  • Create a patient-friendly website.

Your website is the first contact your patients and potential patients have with your practice. Nowadays most people quickly scan websites on mobile phones. That’s why your content needs to be easy to read (8th grade level).

It should inform visitors on the medical care you provide. Pages describing procedures and or treatments are helpful. Staff bios can add a personal, trustworthy touch to your practice’s website.


Have a focused social media effort.

For most practices, one or two social media platforms are enough. And Facebook needs to be one of them. According to Pew Research, seven in ten U.S. adults use Facebook. The Facebook community are highly engaged with medical content. Here are a few content tips for any social platform:

  • Optimize your social pages, especially Facebook. You can copy and paste some content from your website like the about and the contact information.
  • Share your accomplishments, recognitions, and honors.
  • Be involved with the local community. Post positive messages about local sporting events and school graduations. Post photos of you and your staff with people in the community.


Monitor your practice’s online reputation.

Most of your future patients will find out about your business online. Yelp and Google reviews can have a huge positive impact. Consider the following:

  • 90% of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians*
  • 43% of patients would go out of their insurance network for a practice/provider with favorable reviews*
  • 66% of patients surveyed feel it’s very important that healthcare providers respond directly to negative reviews*

*Statistics from’s 2020 Master Patient Experience Survey


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