Pandemic Medical Marketing

Adjusting Your Medical Practice’s Content Marketing for A Pandemic

Pandemic Medical Practice Marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic is now entering its tenth month. There is widespread cautious optimism that the worst is over. Vaccines will soon be distributed, and social distancing and masking are by now second nature for people. But there is still a long winter ahead and many major population centers will be at least partially locked down.

What does this mean for your medical practice’s content marketing? It should remain COVID-sensitive indefinitely.


Are your marketing campaigns still COVID-proof?

Early in the pandemic during the nationwide lockdowns, many marketers for medical practices suspended ad campaigns. Medical appointments and procedures were delayed for months, especially elective surgeries. Though practices began opening at limited capacity in the spring, the delays created an appointment and elective surgery backlog.

Some cities and states recently reinstituted lockdowns. Many, many patients are facing negative health consequences due missed appointments and procedures.

Content marketing in this environment requires extra sympathy, flexibility, and patience. Here are some ways to create it:

Build your brand as you work through backlog.

Your backlogs may take months or even years to defray. Launching ad campaigns targeting new patients who may have to wait around for months would be a poor allocation of your marketing budget.

Instead, focus on campaigns that enhance your brand image. You can create value for your patients and prospective patients by posting content on your website and social media. Here are a few ideas:

  • -general informational content (on your practice’s area of medicine)
  • -explanation videos about procedures and treatments
  • -virtual seminars on topics such as managing symptoms until surgical intervention is available

Communicate clear expectations to patients.

It’s important to keep your patients up to date. Overall, the at-risk populations (and their family and friends) have had the toughest time physically and mentally during the pandemic. You can earn their trust by creating content that addresses their worries and reassures them that your practice will take care of their health.

You can post COVID policy updates on your website banner, send emails, and post links on your social accounts to your practice’s updated COVID-19 policies (on your website).

Update Google My Business listings.

Your patients and prospective patients perform local searches for medical practice listings and directions to your medical practice. Make sure to update your business hours and continue updating your COVID-19 policy posts on Google My Business (these posts expire after seven days).