New School Digital Marketing

Why Old School Marketing Sucks Compared to New School Digital Marketing

New School Digital Marketing

Listen, you’ve got a choice. Are you going to stick to traditional, old school marketing in the same stodgy magazines that have been around since your grandpa? Or are you going to transform your marketing efforts by turning towards new school digital marketing?

Old school marketing still has its place. But frankly, the advertisements found in newspapers, on radio and tv, and on billboards suck in comparison to the advantages digital marketing offers. Let’s take a quick look at some of the specifics.

Interaction and Engagement

Look, old school marketing is passive. You put your ad together, place it in print or on the air, and then sit, waiting to see if you get a reaction. At best, you’re hoping that your potential customers stop long enough to even acknowledge your ad. Your message just sits there, begging for someone to see it.

With digital marketing, you take your message directly to the customer. You can connect with your audience in a bunch of different ways, like email and social media campaigns. You can post videos, surveys, and even memes to help build your brand. The best part? The customers can respond directly to you—or share your posts themselves. It’s like they’re doing your marketing for you!


Unlike old school marketing, which had very limited ways to measure consumer response, new school digital marketing can provide instant feedback. Social media is a treasure trove of info. Views, shares, likes, and other markers are all available at your fingertips. And high-tech tools like Google Analytics let you measure things like conversions and bounce rates, helping you adjust your campaign to better target your audience.


Traditional, old school advertising means eating the high cost of paper and printing, and that’s just the start of your costs. Distribution is even more expensive, and rates for airtime on radio and television can be enormous. Digital marketing saves you all of that money and gives you a bigger bang for your buck.

Digital marketing can do all the things the old school approach did. But it does it better, it reaches a wider audience, and it does it for way less money. I mean, that’s the bottom line, right? Maybe old school marketing was the way to go in the 1980s, but in today’s marketplace, the only right answer is digital.