Physician Website

7 Critical Things Every Physician Website Should Have

Physician Website

Knowing what to include on your website can be intimidating. There are so many options—what’s most important? For patients looking for a physician, trust is a key factor. But so is convenience, accessibility, and reputation. These seven critical elements will help you convince potential patients that you can offer them what they need.

1) Clickable phone number at the top

Put your phone number near the top of your website, where it’s easily seen. Making it clickable is especially important, since it eliminates one more step between you and the patient.

2) Images of the facility for patients to look at and feel comfortable

Going to the doctor can be a nervous experience for any patient. Easing that anxiety can start with the website. Choose some images of your facility that reflect both tranquility and professionalism.

3) Images of the doctors

Putting a face to the doctor’s name starts building that all-important trust. Seeing the smiling face of the doctor who’ll be treating them is the first step in making a lasting connection.

4) Reviews from around the web on their website

How many times have you picked a restaurant based on the reviews? Word of mouth is a very powerful tool and placing select reviews on your website can go a long way to convincing a patient to choose your practice.

5) A blog to show they are industry experts

Patients want to feel confident in their physician, and there are several ways to go about instilling that confidence. Having a blog on your website shows that you’re keeping up with the latest developments in medicine.

6) Easy to fill out contact form to set an appointment

This seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes we get in our own way. Make it simple and easy for a patient to get in touch with your office. Or even better, add an online booking form to your website. Again, the less work the patient has to do, the more likely they are to choose your practice.

7) On-page SEO to get top Google rankings

In order for potential patients to visit your site, the have to find it first. Make sure your site is optimized to not only reflect the information you want to put out to your patients, but also to rank highly enough to come up first in Google searches.