Medical Practice Digital Marketing

8 Strategies for Improving Your Medical Practice’s Digital Marketing

Medical Practice Digital Marketing

Has your practice set goals for 2021 yet? How about this goal: To get more in return for your marketing budget than ever before?

Here is our list of digital marketing strategies to put you on the path to achieving it.

Optimize Your Online Presence

Website: Many of your patients and prospective patients find out about your practice from your website.

  • The content must be optimized for search and local search (SEO) by an expert familiar with SEO for your medical field.
  • Your content and layout must also be attractive, or users won’t be interested.
  • All the main technical aspects need to be sound: a. It should be optimized for mobile devices b. compatible with every browser c. open fast enough to avoid high bounce rates (visitors leaving)
  • Your website should be secured with HTTPS encryption.

Social Media: Think of social media as a massive free lead generation tool. Optimize your Facebook page and ads, and create compelling, shareable content for posts. Don’t post too often. If you want to tap into a younger market, Instagram may be an intriguing platform. And take advantage of the free social media analytics tools, especially the tools that help you track demographics and create targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Business Listings: These are the listings that potential patients see when they perform local searches or look for your practice in directories. Optimize your Google My Business page and any directory listings (Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc.). Check that your business name is the same across your entire web presence, and that your email, phone number and address are also the same.

Utilize Paid Search

Organic website traffic is important, but you need to incorporate some paid traffic as well. This way your website will appear near the top of the results in searches for all your major keywords.

Utilize Retargeting Ads

Visitors come to your website and leave all the time. Why not target them with ads that remind them about your practice and the need that drove them to visit your site? Perfect Audience, AdRoll, and Chango are three prominent retargeting networks.

Utilize Video

Video has more engagement than any other content medium on the internet. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google, so creating videos will drive a lot more traffic to your website. Simply use a phone for recording, get a decent microphone, and you are ready to start.

Utilize Email

Email is alive and well. Approximately 4.3 billion people use it! We recommend a two-pronged email marketing strategy: Reaching out to future or potential patients while staying in contact with current patients.

Guest Blog

Your expertise is in demand. Well-known publications and high-ranking health websites with large audiences often publish pieces by doctors. Ask the publication or site for a link in exchange for writing a free blog post or article.

Engage Your Audience Consistently

Whether it’s answering questions via online chatbot, over the phone, through email, or in the comments section on social media, being consistently communicative with your patients and potential patients strengthens your reputation.

Host Live Events

You can use Facebook or YouTube to host live streaming events on health-related topics. Invite patients and potential patients from your Facebook followers or YouTube subscribers to generate interest in your practice.