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5 Tips Medical Practices Can Use to Leverage Facebook Ads

5 Tips Medical Practices Can Use to Leverage Facebook Ads

Like paid search ads, Facebook ads for doctors can reach a targeted audience for your medical practice. And like paid search, Facebook ads cost money to run. Learning how to leverage this powerful tool can help you grow your practice by targeting prospects who are likely to convert and can be a critical element of success when it comes to online marketing for doctors.

Here are our 10 tips:

1. Use Lead Ads Together with A Call Tool

These ads are enticing to leads. When clicked, instead of bringing them directly to a landing page, a pop-up form already populated with the lead’s contact information appears. Once they submit the form, the lead can go to a landing page.

You can increase the chance of conversion with Lead Ads by using an instant messaging tool like Chatterbot. This tool connects with leads seconds after they submit the contact form. It greets them and gives automated responses to their questions.

You can also use phone call tools like FindThatLead Prospector, which put leads on the phone with your practice seconds after they submit the contact form.

2. Use Video Ads to Show Trustworthiness

There’s nothing like a good recommendation. And a video showing a few of your doctors and staff, and featuring patient recommendations, is like a friendly “hello” and introductory conversation. People are more likely to trust a business that provides social proof through video (not just writing). To top it off, video ads have a low cost-per-click. And finally, video is also a great way to supplement your SEO for physicians.

3. Segment Your Audience

You may use an ad or two that have general appeal to your audience. But highly converting ads usually appeal to specific audience segments. Categories of audience segments include:

  • user locations
  • device types
  • user age
  • user marital status

Running paid ads takes some trial and error. But it’s worth it to identify your profitable segments.

4. Retarget the Leads Who Show Promise

Refine your Facebook ads to reach more patients by researching the keywords for your ads. To start, compare your ad keywords with the search queries leads used in search engines.

Next, your ads should only retarget the users who show interest in your practice’s services on your website. You can tell whether a lead is promising by their activity on your website.

The goal is to find leads more likely to become patients.

5. Retarget According to Specific Interest

As we touched on earlier, focusing on specific segments generally increases conversion rates. Imagine a lead who clicks on the TMS Therapy page of your pain clinic website. After they leave the site, they are retargeted (in the Facebook website or app) with an ad offering a free consultation for depression and anxiety. This specific retargeting takes extra effort to create unique ads for your practice’s various services. But it pays off in the long run!


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