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5 Tips Medical Practices Can Use to Leverage Facebook Ads

5 Tips Medical Practices Can Use to Leverage Facebook Ads Like paid search ads, Facebook ads for doctors can reach a targeted audience for your medical practice. And like paid search, Facebook ads cost money to run. Learning how to leverage this powerful tool can help you grow your practice by targeting prospects who are […]

Online Reviews: 4 Ways Medical Practices Can Maximize This Marketing Tool

Building a strong reputation requires years of successful interactions with patients. In 2021, fair or not, your practice’s reputation is based on public appraisals of these interactions, or online reviews. Though patients are not medical experts and are unqualified to judge physician competence, their opinions are critical to your practice’s success. Here are some findings […]

5 Reasons Your Medical Practice Needs Paid Search

In previous posts we discussed strategies that can help get you near the top of the organic (unpaid) search results. But organic search may not be getting your practice enough traffic, and, in turn, appointment bookings. Maybe your practice simply needs more appointment bookings. Paid search, also known as pay-per-click (PPC), may be the answer. […]

7 Tips for Medical Practices to Avoid SEO Penalties

Though achieving a top three spot in search engine results doesn’t happen overnight, losing high rankings does. That’s because Google and other search engines penalize for mistakes and deliberate attempts to manipulate their search rankings. Here are seven ways your practice can avoid SEO-related penalties. 1) Create high-quality content Search engines exist to show users […]

7 Critical Things Every Physician Website Should Have

Knowing what to include on your website can be intimidating. There are so many options—what’s most important? For patients looking for a physician, trust is a key factor. But so is convenience, accessibility, and reputation. These seven critical elements will help you convince potential patients that you can offer them what they need. 1) Clickable […]

On-Site SEO for Medical Practices

On-site search engine optimization (SEO) involves optimizing the content and all the other elements of your medical practice’s website. For this blog post, we will focus on optimizing the content, including written content, title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, and URLs. Great content accomplishes two things: It gives your audience a better experience. It helps […]

Choosing the Right Social Media for Your Medical Practice

We don’t need to tell you in the year 2020 that social media should be a part of your medical practice’s digital marketing. But we do need tell you about the potential benefits, which are enormous. These include: increasing patient engagement building relationships with patients bringing in new patients promoting medical services to an ideal […]