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Social Media Marketing for Your Medical Practice

Why is social media important? A huge swath of the 240 million social media users in the U.S. turn to social media for health advice and advice about specific practitioners. In a survey by Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group, 41% of respondents said that social media would affect their specific choice of […]

Surgeon Practices: 7 Tips for Optimized Landing Pages

Landing pages are standalone URLs that visitors land on when they click or tap a Google adwords ad. Your ads are visible to internet users who live in your business area and search for your ad’s keyword. A landing page should focus on one specific procedure or treatment your surgeon practice offers. Spending the time […]

Online Content Marketing: Why It’s Essential for Your Medical Practice

What is content marketing? At the most fundamental level, content marketing for medical practices is about creating content aimed at converting potential patients and retaining current patients.   Why is it necessary? Dedicating time and energy to bringing value to your audience through high-quality content can only benefit your practice. How so? It may help […]

Why Your Medical Practice Needs an Optimized Google Business Page

When internet users search for local businesses in Google, they see search results that start with Google Maps and Google Business listings. Google Business listings include the name, address, phone number and other important information for businesses on Google search results pages and Google Maps. These listings dominate local Google results.  Below are several reasons […]

Why Should Surgeon’s Practices Optimize Their Websites For SEO

Why Your Surgeon’s Practice Needs SEO Whether you are an orthopedic, shoulder, cosmetic, or knee surgeon, the search engine optimization (SEO for physicians and doctors) goal is the same: To improve your medical website’s visibility in search engines. Put another way, the goal of SEO is to create the best possible experience for your website’s […]